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Facebook Activity

Recently, it was felt that we needed to make our In-Trust Facebook page secret. If you’re already a member, great! You need do nothing. But, if you’re not and you want to join, then you’ll now need to contact Tony to join.

No changes have been made to our other group, Trans + Friends Liverpool Merseyside & Cheshire Community Information – it is still a closed group. So, if you’re still to join that group, you can do so via this link: or search for it on Facebook

We would like to emphasise, however, that neither group is for promoting private activities – no matter how well-intentioned the cause. We can only apologise if this offends you but In-Trust cannot, and would not want to, verify private activities. Consequently, it is unfair to our members for In-Trust to lend its platforms for this type of promotion. As ever, we thank you for your support and co-operation.

On a positive note, both Facebook groups are doing tremendously well! They are both alive with members notifying us of what’s going on with their organisations and their communities. So, if you wanna be a part of it, don’t be shy!

New Trans Healthcare Clinic On It’s Way!

It has long been In-Trust’s belief that the need for a local trans healthcare clinic is long overdue in the area, to lessen the need for local people to travel the breadth of the country to attend a GIC. So we are delighted to announce that Sefton will soon have it’s own local care pathway which will include a trans healthcare clinic to meet that gap.

Initially this will be a pilot service exclusively for Sefton residents but we hope it will then be extended across Merseyside and, who knows, maybe the whole of the North West!

As things stand at this moment, the final details are being ironed out and we invite your input in this:

Firstly, can you suggest a name for the service? Currently, ‘Trans Health Care Clinic – Sefton’ is the popular choice, but we are concerned this may cause confusion with Trans Health Merseyside. So do you have any other ideas?

Secondly, two logos have been designed for the service (see below) but which do you prefer? Or maybe you can even design a different logo for us?

Unfortunately, we can’t award any prizes for your submissions but you will get our gratitude. So please do email them to Tony, who you can also contact if you require any further information.


Umbrella Logo

Umbrella Logo

Acorn Logo

Acorn Logo


Sparkle In The Cathedral

As many of us will be aware, Sparkle is only a month away now. However, besides the national celebration for trans people of all ages, there will also be the annual Sparkle In The Cathedral event.

The event is an open invitation for everyone – regardless of race, nationality, or belief – to attend the morning service at Manchester Cathedral on Sunday 9th July.

Whilst to some this may be just an invite to perform their regular worship in a different venue, for others this may be a rare opportunity to come into a church without feeling they have to hide their true gender identity.

For more information, please visit the event’s Facebook page.

Dr Curtis Calls It A Day

The following message has been posted on the website:

Dr. Curtis announces today, Monday 5th June 2017, that after 12 years of operating Transhealth his intention is to discontinue the business.

This applies to the London Gender Clinic as well as the Hair Removal Clinic.

It arises due to a number of personal, professional, and business related reasons.

The clinics will continue as normal until:

The last date for the acceptance of New patients is 31st August

The last date for Gender Clinic appointments is Friday 15th December 2017

The last date for Hair Removal Clinic appointments is Friday 22nd December

Care will be given to follow-up patients and hair removal clients as per the usual protocols.

In respect of the gender reassignment pathways, the same criteria will apply for referrals, follow up schedules and prescribing.

In-Trust would like to emphasise that, whilst it is another blow to health provision for trans people, this is in no way related to Trans Health Merseyside which continues its services as normal.

Navajo Awards Inspirational Again!

Liam from YPAS at the Navajo Awards 2017

Liam from YPAS at the Navajo Awards

The Navajo Awards were held yesterday and, once again, proved to be an inspirational afternoon.

In-Trust Chair, Tony Griffin, was compere for the event and welcomed young people from YPAS and GYRO to relate what life was like for them. Their personal accounts belied the disappointing fact that life continues to be tough for young LGBT+ people.

YPAS also launched their campaign, Teach The Teachers, which is a ten point manifesto to encourage teachers to improve the school lives of our LGBT+ youth. The campaign also includes a campaign song and it’s so inspiring to hear such a catchy song with on-point lyrics written by a talented youngster of just 13 years old!

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Mermaids Latest!

Following their official launch last month (see article below), Merseyside Mermaids invite young people (up to 19rs old) – and parents of young people – who feel at odds with the gender they were assigned at birth to their next meeting on Saturday 13th May, 1-4pm.

As well as guest speakers, support and information, there is a movie room, and a technology room with Digital Eagles. Drinks are also provided but please bring food for the table.

Please provide names in advance to Jan Sampson via emailing: 

Hate Crime

Did you know that you can report Hate Crime via this website?

As well as reporting directly to the police or Stop Hate UK via the links on our Hate Crime page, you can now report it to our Chair, Tony Griffin. Indeed, this may be your preference for any one of a number of reasons. However, if you are in immediate danger, please always call the police first for, as much as he would like to, Tony can’t rush to your assistance!

In-Trust are also going to be organising the next stage of our Support to Report Campaign that began in 2015 at the Navajo Hate Crime conference. So watch this space for further details coming later this year. 

Meanwhile, do not suffer in silence. In-Trust are here to support you end this vicious and illegal behaviour. Zero tolerance starts today!

Trans Health Merseyside Latest!

The latest information from Trans Health Merseyside is as follows: 

Transcend shall be meeting on Tuesday 30th May, Tuesday 27th June, and Tuesday 25th July. The group supports trans and non-binary identifying people who are in the process of reporting, or have experience of, Hate Crime.

Wellbeing Sessions: 

Tuesday 16th May 2017 – HealthWatch shall be visiting. HealthWatch is an advocacy organisation that provides practical support and information to people who have not had the service they would expect from the NHS and want to complain. 

Tuesday 13th June 2017 – Tim Blackstone from the local Trans Support Service and Jo Lightwood from the Armistead Centre will be discussing Sexual Health and Wellbeing. This was a very popular session last year (with lively discussion!). Please bring your questions, queries, and a willingness to learn.

Tuesday 11th July – This session offers the chance to enhance your breathing, posture and sense of wellbeing by singing with the “Choir With No Name”. The “Choir With No Name” works with people affected by homelessness and were founded on the premise that “singing makes you feel good; it distracts you from all the nonsense in life and helps you to build up your confidence and abilities”.

For all Wellbeing Sessions peer support shall start from 5.30pm and sessions begin at 6pm until 7.30pm. Changing space is available. 

All groups meet at Sahir House, LCVS Building, 151 Dale Street, Liverpool.

Trans Health Merseyside is provided by In-Trust Merseyside in partnership with Sahir House.

For more information, please email:

Mermaids Merseyside Launch Is Great Success!

The Mermaids Merseyside group was officially launched to great success last month.

The group is the local branch of the national charity designed to help young people (and their parents) who feel at odds with the gender they were assigned at birth.

The great and the good were at the launch – including The Guide, who have published a video featuring the incredible Jan Sampson, at:

To find out more about Mermaids Merseyside, please email:

Pride Dates

I have discovered on the PinkUK website, this year’s Pride dates. If you wish to see the full list, please visit: 

However, for the benefit of your quick reference, I have endeavoured to pick out the ones which I think are relevant to Trans people in the North West. They are as follows:

  • 20th May – Lancaster Pride
  • 26th May – Burnley Pride
  • 9th June – Blackpool Pride
  • 7th – 9th July – Sparkle: National Transgender Festival (Manchester)
  • 29th July – Liverpool Pride
  • 19th August – Chester Pride
  • 25th August – Manchester Pride
  • 30th September – I Am What I Am Festival (Southport)

If you know of any other Pride dates in the North West, please do get in touch. I will be happy to add them to the list.

Please note that not all Prides are free. Please visit the relevant websites for full up-to-date information.