In-Trust Chat Room

The intrust chat room will be moving from Facebook messenger to discord.

This is so we can safeguard our members better. Discord is easier for admin to monitor and remove messages if need be, and the options to kick or ban people, if we need to,Facebook messenger has limited admin features, especially the 10 minute rule for removing unwanted messages etc.on discord, you can have different text channels, so we have a general chat text channel, one for asking for help and advice, one with information about intrust meetings and one for recommendations on trans stuff. So now if anyone is asking for help and advice, the message won’t be lost in the main general chat. Notifications can be turned off so your phone/ tablet isn’t pinging all the time.

You can download the discord app on most smart phones (Android, iphones, etc.) as well as most tablets, plus there is a desktop version for laptops and pc .the links to join our discord chat expires after 24 hours, so email us and we will send you the up to date link.

If you have any problems setting discord up, please contact us:

and we will be happy to help. For anyone who doesn’t want to join the discord chat, you can always post in the Trans + friends Facebook Group,





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