Introducing the Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBT Charter Mark

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What is the Navajo Merseyside Charter Mark?

The Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBTIQA+ Charter Mark is an equality mark sponsored by In-Trust Merseyside and supported by the LGBTIQA+ Community networks across Merseyside– a signifier of good practice, commitment and knowledge of the specific needs, issues and barriers facing LGBTIQA+ people in Merseyside.

The Navajo Merseyside Consultative Partnership was formed in 2010 and over 60 cross-sector partners now intend to achieve the Chartermark standards. On the 17th May 2012 the first ever award ceremony was held in Liverpool to celebrate the achievements of the first organisations to gain the Chartermark

In September 2012 the Chartermark was expanded to Cheshire to meet demand.

What is the Assessment Criteria?

The Charter Mark consists of ten simple assessment criteria, each asking for supporting resources. These resources could be specific documents, such as a copy of the Equality & Diversity Policy, a monitoring form, or brief details of working procedures, e.g. how and when new staff members are trained or whether there are always private areas available for service users to talk to your staff.

The Navajo Merseyside Assessment panel assessors will assist the organisation achieving the criteria and will undertake the assessment. The training packages and consultancy that the Assessment Panel delivers will also assist organisations with identifying what policies and procedures count towards Navajo Merseyside Mark accreditation, whereas some evidence will automatically be generated simply by accessing training

What Will the Charter Mark accomplish for your organisation?

  • If your assessment is successful, your organisation will receive a Navajo Merseyside endorsed accreditation with Kite Mark, indicating that your organisation is in line with statutory requirements and promotes best practice in engaging with the LGBTIQA+ community
  • We can help identify and address the difficulties that your organisation might face in addressing the needs of the LGBTIQA+ community
  • We can help make your services accessible to the LGBTIQA+ community
  • We can help raise awareness amongst your staff with regard to the particular issues that affect LGBTIQA+ people in accessing your services
  • We can help monitor products, goods, facilities, and services in terms of inclusiveness for various sexual orientations and gender identities
  • We can raise awareness of the particular issues in addressing the needs of LGBTIQA+ people through good management practice (i.e. complaint processes, harassment policies, etc.)
  • Your organisation will benefit from existing models of effective working practice and use these in the development of your own
  • W can help your organisation identify innovative new ways of working to meet the needs of LGBTIQA+ people
  • We can help your organisation be fully aware of all legislative frameworks which impact on service delivery
  • We can provide on-going support and consultation with reviewing existing policies and procedures so that they promote best practice and are in line with statutory requirements

(The Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBTIQA+ Charter Mark is FREE accreditation available to all members of the Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire Scheme. Training and consultancy services will carry separate charges as needed)

How do you apply?

The application is designed to assess organisations in terms of LGBTIQA+ friendliness. It will identify organisations that are actively involved or are committed to developing appropriate services to address the needs of the LGBTIQA+ community.

The application form includes five distinct elements to consider:

  • Practices and Policies
  • Training
  • Staff Recruitment & Engagement
  • Monitoring
  • Service Users and LGBTIQA+ Engagement

This gives a comprehensive view of performance and how to assist the development of services. The second part of the application is the Action Plan to identify clear actions for organisations to take to develop its LGBTIQA+ friendliness.

If awarded, the Navajo Merseyside Charter Mark updates on the progress are required every 12 months up to a full review in 2 years

Once the application is submitted and reviewed, contact will be made by the assessors who will arrange to meet with representatives (including relevant service users/clients from the organisation). This will take between half to a whole day depending upon the organisation size.

For further information contact:

Chair of Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBTI Chartermark Consultative Partnership Board

Click here to view organisations to have received the Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBTIQA+ Chartermark

NEW! Liverpool John Moores University’s Sexual Health Bulletin has an article on their Navajo award.


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