What we do

What we can do for organisations…

The following services can be provided for organisations:

  • Transgender equality training
  • Rainbow lives (details to follow, but are succinctly detailed in this article)
  •  LGBT Cultural Competency training
  •  Hate Crime Training
  • Support and guidance to public sector on transgender equality including Employment practices, Equalities monitoring, Equalities Impact Assessment (EIA), mediation service, community engagement and consultation

 And for individuals…

  •  Advice & Guidance
  •  Volunteer employment projects
  • Pastoral support

We have regular meetings on the first Saturday of every month from 3pm till 5pm at SING Plus Centre, 53 Cambridge Road, Seaforth, Liverpool, L21 1EX.

There are changing facilities available and the venue is fully accessible for those with impaired mobility.

The meetings are very informal and up-dates on progress with network activities are discussed along with topics of interest and support for individuals.

For details on any training, consultation or any other query, please contact our chairman Anthony Griffin at Anthony@merseysideintrust.org

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