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Here you will find details about current volunteer opportunities

Current opportunities

The Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBTIQA Partnership and Chartermark. it has been running for twelve years almost and staffed solely by volunteers. Many improvements and changes have been made by the organisations who obtain the Chartermark and it continues to go from strength to strength. One of the most exciting and interesting posts is that of assessor, you don’t need any past experience we give training and then the best training of all is going out on assessments with colleagues. We always have a minimum of two and if say it’s a large hospital trust or council it could be as many as ten You are always with at least one other senior assessor and you get training before you start your assessments. The training isn’t long or complicated as it’s about knowing the basics then gaining experience. We have a high percentage of our volunteers gaining paid employment and of course you are gaining highly transferable (no pun intended) skills. Navajo not only needs assessors we also need volunteers when the award takes place once a year.

Contact me at my In-Trust email account anthony@merseysideintrust.org

This year after four years of planning we launched International Trans Youth Day

29th June this is going to be a yearly event and we are looking for young people to get involved. The aim of ITYD is to become a Foundation that supports young trans non binary and intersex people go on exchanges to see how their peers in other countries live. The Foundation seeks to globally connect young people so that the rights of trans people are talked about and injustices become a thing of the past. June 29th was picked because it’s the day after Stonewall riots anniversary our group of young said “Stonewall is our past but this is about our future “ So come and join at the beginning of a world wide movement.

watch the interviews from this year to give you an idea of what took place on launch day.


Contact me at my In-Trust email account anthony@merseysideintrust.org

We are looking for volunteers to join our team, putting together the Navajo LGBTQ+ Merseyside & Cheshire newsletter.

you will help write articles on LGBTQ+ news and events

we have four newsletters a year, roughly every three months, February, may, August and November.

The newsletter goes out digitally as a pdf file, to our database of email addresses, it is also uploaded to various social media platforms.

our circulation is over 50,000 members of staff and over 1.5 million service users and stakeholders.

if you are interested please contact: anthony@merseysideintrust.org

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