Who Knows Best?

Last week the BBC broadcast a documentary called ‘Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?’.

As I don’t own a TV licence, I am unable to watch the documentary and so cannot put forward an opinion on its accuracy. However, a simple Google search provides a varied selection of reflections on the program.

Now, whilst I hold no opinion on the accuracy of the program, I do hold an opinion on whether this program should ever have been made:

No, it shouldn’t.

Presenting these matters for public debate, as the program does, is to invite public involvement – the aforementioned Google hits prove my point – but the public cannot possibly know more about it than those personally involved. So what possible good can their involvement on either side of the debate achieve?

Instead, it invites the danger of ignorant people wading into something they don’t understand and prejudice ruling the day.

I know we live in “post-truth” times and experts aren’t in vogue, but we truly can’t afford to subject everything to a popularity contest!

The lives of vulnerable people (and, in this case, very young people) is simply too much to stake!

Article written by Claire Hornby, 15th January 2017

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