International Transgender Youth Day

29th June, every year

This year after four years of planning we launched International Trans Youth Day 29th June this is going to be a yearly event and we are looking for young people to get involved. The aim of ITYD is to become a Foundation that supports young trans non binary and intersex people go on exchanges to see how their peers in other countries live. The Foundation seeks to globally connect young people so that the rights of trans people are talked about and injustices become a thing of the past. June 29th was picked because it’s the day after Stonewall riots anniversary our group of young said “Stonewall is our past but this is about our future “ So come and join at the beginning of a world wide movement, watch the interviews from this year to give you an idea of what took place on launch day.

International Transgender Youth Day

On 29th June, we launched International Transgender Youth Day. We have chosen the 29th June as it is the day after, historically, the Stonewall riots began. Stonewall was an important, unforgettable part of our community. However, it is often forgotten that the people leading Stonewall, where themselves transgender.

Our yearly event hopes to put the focus on Transgender individuals, more specifically transgender youth as they are our future. The past has not been an easy feat for people who don’t identify as the gender they were assigned at birth, or identify as any gender for that matter. We hope to change this. This event marks us moving forward and while remembering what has shaped our movements, making changes to make it easy for future generations by bringing our experiences together.

This year we featured live stream discussions from an online panel featuring a group of young, inspirational trans and non binary individuals sharing their stories and experiences. As well as this, we had interviews with our International siblings, guests included Tona Brown, an American violinist, mezzo-soprano and transgender woman.

we had live-streams on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube, these consisted of different prerecorded content. online panels, multiple interviews and educational videos that young people have made.

Work is already underway in planning next year’s ITYD, so if you want to be involved get in contact with us. We already have a guest list but there is still room to hear about what your group is doing. The only conditions are is that by young people we use 26yrs as the cut off point and the work must relate to our diverse communities, so if you are trans , non-binary, intersex or any variation in between we want to showcase your work. Especially if your country does not support its people’s who self identify as such. Guest speakers can be of any age.

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