Welcome to In-Trust Merseyside!

This website is to promote our activities and interact with… er… YOU!

In-Trust Merseyside is a network that challenges transphobia and discrimination in so many ways we’ve had to create a separate page… or three… to detail it all. (See above tabs) Not only that, but we’re award winners and frequently pioneers in what we do.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Provide support and guidance for men and women with an intersex or transgendered history in Merseyside.
  • Positively promote best practice around employing people from this community.
  • Work with both voluntary and public sector organisations to identify the barriers to employment and service delivery faced by this community.
  • Combat transphobia, promote greater acceptance and rights for all people under the ‘trans umbrella’.
  • Provide a safe place to explore and express personal gender identity, provide advice, and offer support with transitioning.

To help facilitate this, we meet once a month (See Meetings tab to the right) to discuss what we’re up to and what we should be up to. Newcomers are always welcome at our meetings. We don’t care which bit of the gender spectrum you’re on, or whether you’re just coming to terms with your (or someone else’s) gender identity or so experienced you’ve acquired limpets! We will be glad to meet you. However, we do ask those representing a company, service, organisation, etc. to get our agreement prior to meeting us (see the Contacts page). Basically, the bottom line is, no matter who you are, as long as you respect us, we will respect you… and even offer you a brew and a biscuit too. We’re nice like that!

So do  take a look around our website and, in all sincerity, we look forward to hearing from or, even better, meeting you.