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Following the news that Liverpool CCG have halved the funding for YPAS’s Trans* Project (THE Action Youth), In-Trust have launched a petition to get them to reverse this decision.

As figures publicised by Mermaids show, trans* youth are at greater risks of bullying, self-harming, and suicide. Consequently, we believe that Liverpool CCG’s decision to cut funding in half for THE Action Youth puts the lives of trans* youth in danger.

We further believe that failure to produce a robust equality impact assessment, nor consult with key stakeholders, community networks, and, of course, the young people and their families directly affected breaches equalities and human rights legislation.

We are thus petitioning Liverpool CCG to meet with representatives in order to meet their equalities and human rights obligations and, most importantly, reverse their decision to halve funding for YPAS’s THE Action Youth project without delay.

To sign the petition, please click here.

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