YPAS Trans* Project Funding

In-Trust were saddened to learn this week that the funding from Liverpool CCG for YPAS’s Trans* Project, THE Action Youth group, has been halved. We also understand that this was done without the due consultation that should’ve been required.

THE Action Youth group is for anyone aged 10-18 whose gender identity is different to how others see it, or is questioning their gender identity. It currently provides a safe space for them to express and explore themselves in an understanding and accepting environment.

In-Trust further understand that, due to the funding being halved, the group has now lost its full-time member of staff.

You only have to look at the statistics provided by Mermaids to see what this could mean for young trans people in Merseyside. To give a more local context, in the 18 months prior to the establishment of the youth group, 5 young people, who had been in contact with volunteers about their gender identity, took their own lives. Since the establishment of the group, not a single young person who has been in contact with it has committed suicide.

In-Trust are staggered by the shortsightedness of the CCG and the unfeeling way they have gone about removing the funding. We implore everyone reading this to pressure Liverpool CCG to reverse their decision and, in the meantime, contact anyone who may be able to help YPAS fund this vital project.

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