Gender Identity Legislation

In case you haven’t seen in the media, the government are planning to overhaul current legislation and allow people to have their gender legally recognised on their birth certificates without a doctor’s diagnosis of ‘gender dysphoria’ – nor live for two years as their true selves.

In addition to this they are also planning on allowing non-binary people to have their gender recognised as an “X”.

Despite the reforms being recommended by Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee last year, they were not present in the Conservative manifesto for the General Election last month – nor included in the Queen’s Speech. This has provoked claims that the Conservatives have stolen the reforms from The Labour Party, who did include them in their manifesto.

Regardless of who is really to credit for these reforms, they still have to be consulted on. So it cannot be guaranteed as yet that they will come to fruition. Consequently, if you desire these reforms to occur, it is probably advisable to contact your MP to express your support for them.

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