Sparkle Week

As many of you will know, this week is ‘Sparkle week’ with a whole host of events leading up to the big celebration at Sackville Park on Saturday 8th July.

This year, Sparkle and Trans Creative have curated SPARK – a brand new transgender arts festival, bringing together over 25 multi-disciplinary trans and non-binary artists of local and national acclaim. The festival aims to celebrate their stories and achievements and raise visibility and positive representation of the trans community.

SPARK was founded with the premise of exploring ‘what lies beneath the tip of the trans iceberg’, pushing for diversity of opinions and perspectives, to highlight the fact that only certain facets of trans stories find public representation and few authentic trans voices are being heard.

Through a series of events taking place in some of Manchester’s most respected cultural institutions, SPARK strives to open up the city and its buildings to trans people, inviting audiences to engage with high quality art, advocating diverse content and intersectional representation in the North.

The list of events are as follows:

Laura Bridgeman and Serge Nicholson’s ‘There Is No Word For It’ at Portico Library, 3rd July, 7pm
Facebook event:

BFI Flare Film Festival at SPARK at Cornerhouse, 4th July, 7pm
Facebook event:

Trans Tour of Manchester Art Gallery, 6th July, 7pm
Facebook event:

Trans Vegas club night at Texture, 7th July, 10pm
Facebook event:

To avoid disappointment, please check availability of all events prior to turning up.

All events at SPARK are created in collaboration with Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity, with support from Superbia and Manchester Pride.

As well as SPARK and the celebration in the park, there are a whole host of other community events throughout the week. These include a comedy night, an open-mic night, club nights, and Sparkle In The Cathedral and much more!

Please take a look at the official Sparkle website for full information:

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