New Trans Healthcare Clinic On It’s Way!

It has long been In-Trust’s belief that the need for a local trans healthcare clinic is long overdue in the area, to lessen the need for local people to travel the breadth of the country to attend a GIC. So we are delighted to announce that Sefton will soon have it’s own local care pathway which will include a trans healthcare clinic to meet that gap.

Initially this will be a pilot service exclusively for Sefton residents but we hope it will then be extended across Merseyside and, who knows, maybe the whole of the North West!

As things stand at this moment, the final details are being ironed out and we invite your input in this:

Firstly, can you suggest a name for the service? Currently, ‘Trans Health Care Clinic – Sefton’ is the popular choice, but we are concerned this may cause confusion with Trans Health Merseyside. So do you have any other ideas?

Secondly, two logos have been designed for the service (see below) but which do you prefer? Or maybe you can even design a different logo for us?

Unfortunately, we can’t award any prizes for your submissions but you will get our gratitude. So please do email them to Tony, who you can also contact if you require any further information.


Umbrella Logo

Umbrella Logo

Acorn Logo

Acorn Logo


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