Dr Curtis Calls It A Day

The following message has been posted on the Transhealth.co.uk website:

Dr. Curtis announces today, Monday 5th June 2017, that after 12 years of operating Transhealth his intention is to discontinue the business.

This applies to the London Gender Clinic as well as the Hair Removal Clinic.

It arises due to a number of personal, professional, and business related reasons.

The clinics will continue as normal until:

The last date for the acceptance of New patients is 31st August

The last date for Gender Clinic appointments is Friday 15th December 2017

The last date for Hair Removal Clinic appointments is Friday 22nd December

Care will be given to follow-up patients and hair removal clients as per the usual protocols.

In respect of the gender reassignment pathways, the same criteria will apply for referrals, follow up schedules and prescribing.

In-Trust would like to emphasise that, whilst it is another blow to health provision for trans people, this is in no way related to Trans Health Merseyside which continues its services as normal.

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