Human Rights Rally

In-Trust have been sent the following information in regards to an event happening in Liverpool…

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, millions will gather in Washington, D.C. and in hundreds of cities around the world. Here in Liverpool, we will stand together in solidarity with those women, and with partners, families and friends of all genders, to remind the US administration, our local leaders, and the world that the majority of us stand for and will defend human rights.

The city of Liverpool, the UK and Europe are closely connected to the US in so many ways. What happens there affects us all. This is for our community – please join us!

This is a peaceful rally – not a march – to show that we will not accept intolerance or injustice in Liverpool or anywhere else.

Bring your family, friends, neighbours to take part in a historic day. Although this event has been organised by women, this is an inclusive event. All genders and all people are welcome. There are over 100 communities globally assembling at the same time, from Australia to South Korea to France and Kenya . Please join this historic moment: for once the biggest story the media can cover on this day is one of equality and acceptance. Help us spread the word!

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