Navajo Merseyside Awards 2012


We may forget what you say to us
We will remember how you make us feel

The first ever award ceremony for Navajo Merseyside LGBT Chartermark took place today (17th May 12) at Liverpool Community College Learning Exchange.

The development of the LGBT Charter Mark Scheme for Merseyside has been co-ordinated by the Embrace and In-Trust Community Empowerment Networks involving other LGBT networks and groups from across Merseyside.

The Navajo Merseyside Charter mark is based on the innovative concept that was pioneered NHS Lancashire over ten years ago.

The Navajo Merseyside Chartermark contributes to raising the standards for LGBT people across Merseyside in terms of employment and accessing services.

NAVAJO Merseyside LGBT Chartermark Quality Award

The application is designed to assess organisations in terms of LGBT-friendliness. It will identify organisations that are actively involved or are committed to developing appropriate services to address the needs of the LGBT community.

The application form includes five distinct elements to consider

  1. Practices and Policies,
  2. Training,
  3. Staff Recruitment & Engagement,
  4. Monitoring,
  5. Service Users and LGBT Engagement)

This gives a comprehensive view of performance and how to assist the development of services. The second part of the application is the Action Plan – to identify clear actions for organisations to take to develop its LGBT-friendliness. If awarded the Navajo Merseyside Charter Mark updates on the progress are required every 12 months up to a full review in 2 years.

At today’s historic event the audience heard from the Key Note Speaker Arlene McCarthy MEP who spoke of the importance of initiatives such as Navajo Merseyside in addressing issues of inequalities faced by members of society.

The award ceremony was to give recognition and congratulations to those Merseyside organisations that have through action shown they are committed to improving the lives and experiences of Women and Men regardless of their Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.

The organisations who are the first ever recipients of the Chartermark are:

Merseyside Probation Trust
Liverpool Mutual Homes
Sefton Council Voluntary Services
Liverpool Community College
Merseycare NHS Trust
Sing Plus
Sefton @Work—part of Sefton MBC

 The Chartermark was presented to each organization by the Co-Chairs of Sefton Embrace LGB Community Network & In-Trust Merseyside Transgender & Intersex Community Network Dr Mike Homfray & Rev Sr Maria Renate.

In presenting the certificates the organizations were told we the members of Navajo Merseyside Partnership salute you for supporting us in working towards a society free of ignorance and prejudice.

During the celebration the audience heard from Special Guests Livvy James & Sacha Brown who shared their story of how they as a family have been targeted by Transphobic abuse as Livvy is a young transgender child.

Anthony Griffin Chair of the Navajo Merseyside Partnership said

“Private, public, voluntary and community sector organisations in Merseyside that take positive steps to welcome and encompass Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) issues within their organisation or service provision can apply for the Navajo Charter Mark. The Charter Mark will act as a signifier of good practice, commitment and knowledge of the specific needs, issues and barriers facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Merseyside….. we are absolutely delighted with the support we have received from the cross sector organisations who have joined us today at this landmark moment for Merseyside LGBT communities, if we can achieve the same level of success that colleagues in Lancashire have managed we will make important and long-lasting improvements for LGBT equality in both employment and access to services here in Merseyside”.

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